...where innovation and reality converge


Convergent Innovations Group, Inc. (CIG)
CIG can help your organization implement innovative processes, methods, techniques and software applications to create an organization that consistently generates new product and service ideas.

While most of our competitors offer only technical, development or general consulting services, CIG differentiates itself by offering innovation services, idea management, and technology solutions. CIG’s goal is to ensure that your company is successful by providing a framework that engages your people, strengthens your processes, and augments your technology.

CIG will:

Provide innovative technical services, solutions, and products to  meet operational needs and objectives.

P Ensure cost savings, revenue increases and efficiency gains by  harnessing an innovation methodology that facilitates only the  best ideas and develops them from inception to execution.

Make use of the collective intelligence within your organization    by empowering your employees, partners and customers to    think, grow, and act.

Increase the knowledge and power of your team so they are able  to gain critical insights and make intelligent business decisions.